Piece by UK Uncut Protester and the FM145

[Photo from the Fortnum and Mason plea hearing at Westminster on July 5th, taken by Arbolioto] Full piece, ‘On Getting my Charges Dropped in the Fortnum & Mason 145 Case’ by Ellie at New Left Project ‘To me, the actions of the Met felt like a particularly mendacious attempt to silence people who were doing something incindiary, but not illegal.… Read More

Sir Paul Stephenson’s Strange Definition of ‘Restraint’

[Mounted police drive their horses into protesters during student demonstrations in London, 9 December 2010. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images] [This piece was published in the Guardian here and in the paper on 19th July] In Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as Metropolitan police commissioner on Sunday night, one of the things he claimed he was most proud of the Met for was “the professional and restrained approach to unexpected levels of violence in recent student demonstrations”.… Read More