“This is not justice” – Parents of acquitted protesters speak out against attacks on Legal Aid

By Jennifer Hilliard A still from footage taken at the anti-fees demo appears to show a mounted police officer pulling Christopher Hilliard’s haiBy Jennifer Hilliard We all hear the words “Legal Aid” banded about and we hope that we never need to use it, but what do we really know about it and about the proposed changes to it?  … Read More

Support the team behind ‘Injustice’ – Migrant Media’s new film: ‘The Resistance of Others’

Migrant Media, the group of radical film-makers behind the incredible documentaries ‘Injustice’ and ‘Who Polices the Police’ have almost finished putting together a film which seeks to be the most complete and far-reaching investigation into the thousands of deaths in police custody since records began in 1969.… Read More