Videos of Alfie Meadows & Zak King on how we fought and won

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Around 100 people came to celebrate Alfie and Zak’s victory this week. They were joined by a wide range of campaigners including Max Watson victimised trade unionist recently reinstated at London Met, Bethan Jones criminalised for telling Cameron he had blood on his hands, Trenton Oldfield imprisoned for 6 months for protesting against inequality, one of the No Dash for Gas 21, a Right to Work campaigner cautioned for protesting against disability benefit cuts, Marci Rigg sister of Sean Rigg who died in police custody, ┬áZenon sentenced to 15 months in prison for protesting against the tripling of fees, the Hilliard brothers acquitted of pulling a police officer from his horse during anti-fees protest, PCS strikers, the Traveller Solidarity Network fighting attempts to impose eviction costs on Dale Farm residents and more (to sign their petition please go to

The victory of Alfie and Zak is significant for all these struggles and we urge DtRtP supporters to get involved in supporting them and in doing what they can to support the fight to hold the police responsible for Alfie’s injuries to account.

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