Direct Action for Legal Aid

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legal aid
The Criminal Bar Association agreed this Saturday to take direct action to defend Legal Aid. This is an incredibly important response to an incredibly worrying threat and we will support the lawyers, barristers and legal workers in what they choose to do.

More information can be found here on the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers’ page. 

Below are 2 documents the Justice Alliance has produced. The first, a letter to the deputy PM. The second a very powerful set of 101 testimonials to the essential nature of Legal Aid and its vital role for organisations like the anti-trafficking network.



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One thought on “Direct Action for Legal Aid

  • Hi everyone! My name’s Andre and I’ve been fighting the powers that be for a decade now. I have written a book called The Jury’s Out to explain how the negation of our rights to a jury has destroyed what semblance of democracy we ever had. It’s a powerful indictment of Government, Judiciary and Public Services and you can download the first chapter FREE at and there are links to a petition there for the reintroduction of juries at all hearings and trials. Please check it out and sign the petition! Big love, Ond x

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