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This weekend marked the second anniversary of Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of the police. Hundreds packed into a public meeting in Tottenham on Saturday to discuss the fight for justice for Mark along with so many other victims of deaths in police custody including Joy Gardener, Roger Sylvester, Cynthia Jarrett and Sean Rigg.

Plus Guardian Video report here:

From the meeting many resolved to attend the Inquest which begins on 16th September (expected to run for up to ten weeks) and join the United Family and Friends memorial march on 26th October. A Tottenham Rights campaign was also launched.

The following day a vigil took place on Ferry Lane where Mark was shot down by police, followed by a celebration of Mark’s life at Broadwater Farm Estate which saw hundreds of residents come together.   2 years on, the family have very few answers, there is still no IPCC report and no police officer has been subject to disciplinary never mind criminal proceedings. Everyone will need to get behind this fight.

What can you do?

1. Come to the the Inquest into Mark’s death – begins 16th September, Royal Courts of Justice – open to the public and expected to run for 10 weeks.

2. Join the United Family and Friends Memorial March, Saturday 26th October, assemble Trafalgar Square to march to Downing Street.

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