Theresa May Attempts to Appeal Trenton’s Deportation Victory.

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We’ve just seen that Deepa and Trenton have been informed by the Home Office that Theresa May is trying to overturn the decision to let Trenton stay. Have a look at what they’re saying:


?WHERE ARE WE? Unfortunately we must announce Theresa May’s indecent obsession has become an unrequited and undesirable permanent affliction. On Thursday evening we received this letter stating that Ms May has applied to appeal our appeal ‘win’. Her application was submitted well after her own 5-day rule and it appears as though no extension of time had been applied for.

It certainly is difficult to not feel intimidated, harassed, threatened and unsettled by Ms May’s persistent conduct. Plainly from this judge’s ruling they can’t win BUT they absolutely can ensnare us ‘in the courts’ for years to come – undermining our livelihood, our wellbeing (including our young daughter’s) and of course our capacity to contribute to urgent issues. Is this Ms May’s own special brand of tyranny? Is she trying to provoke us? Is she trying to wear us down? Is she going to try to use us in the next nasty party election campaign? Is she trying to put so much pressure on us our relationship breaks and our work collapses? Or is that unadulterated vindictiveness so well known to steam uncontrollably out of the British-brutal-class?

We must now wait ‘some weeks’ to see if a judge will allow their appeal to proceed to the Tier 2 Asylum & Immigration Tribunal. At this stage we are not told on what grounds they are applying to appeal. If it is accepted (based on our experience so far, this is highly likely) then it will be another season of captured waiting for their next climax of their ‘performance of power’.

The amusing thing is just moments before opening the envelope we had pressed ‘order’ on a special print run of ‘thank you / happy new year’ notecards to send to everyone! Last week just started back editing Critical Cities Volume 4 and organising the next festival.

It was irrational for us think Ms May etc would have moved on and stopped spending our public funds harassing people! We should have known better. What we do know however is that if I was black or Muslim I probably would have been badly beaten at the station, received a much longer prison sentence and without a doubt been deported from prison – never seeing my daughter.

If you haven’t yet – please do consider getting your own copy(s) of ‘The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield; A Prison Diary’ – reviews suggest its ‘a good read. Sales are needed to keep the lights on! Great birthday gift for family and friends!

More soon!! xxx

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