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Defend the Right to Protest » Posts » Demonstrating is not a crime - Support Fortnum & Masons Occupiers - Join us at Resistance Riddmz FRIDAY!

Demonstrating is not a crime - Support Fortnum & Masons Occupiers - Join us at Resistance Riddmz FRIDAY!

In the wake of the guilty verdict, Fortnum and Mason Occupiers will be appealing. See their statement here:

This decision to criminalise protesters by designating a peaceful occupation “aggravated trespass” is attack on us all that must be fought. Come and show solidarity with them and other defendants and political prisoners on Friday 25th November, RESISTANCE RIDDIMZ, 7pm-1am, LSE Students Union, Houghton Street

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LETTER IN TODAY’s GUARDIAN supporting Fortnum & Mason Occupiers here:

This week, the first 10 defendants from the blanket arrest of people joining the UK Uncut protest in Fortnum & Mason’s were found guilty, despite their actions being described by the senior police officer on the scene as “non-violent and sensible”(Report, 18 November). The judge ruled that the simple act of “demonstrating” is potentially intimidating, and therefore a crime. That ordinary people can be branded criminals for taking part in such a protest is a worrying sign; and, while the magistrates court may have found these men and women guilty, we are clear that they are not the real criminals. While the Crown Prosecution Service and the police have thrown vast sums of money at criminalising those protesting against government cuts, they have done little or nothing to capture the real criminals – those who evade taxes, and the bankers who crashed our economy in the first place. The defendants are appealing the ruling to the high court and we wish them the best of luck.

Professor the Baroness Ruth Lister
Dr Evan Harris Vice-chair Liberal Democrat federal policy committee
Caroline Lucas MP Leader, Green party
Mark Serwotka General secretary, PCS Union
Dr David Hall-Matthews Chair, Social Liberal Forum
Deborah Doane World Development Movement
John Hilary Executive Director, War on Want
Liam Burns NUS President
Clifford Singer False Economy
Neal Lawson Chair, Compass
Mark Thomas
David Marquand Mansfield College, Oxford
John Harris Guardian
Leanne Wood AM Plaid Cymru 
Jonathan Glennie ODI research fellow 
Gavin Hayes General secretary, Compass
Howard Reed Landman Economics
Willie Sullivan Labour Councillor, Fife
Richard Exell 
William Davies University of Oxford
Dr Heather Savigny University of East Anglia
Kay Banyard Feminist writer & campaigner
Gary Dunion Editor, Bright Green
Natalie Fenton Goldsmiths, University of London
Jeremy Gilbert University of East London
Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy
Sam Tarry Labour councillor, Barking
Cat Smith Next Generation Labour
Stewart Wallis
Dr Tim Jenkins
Andrew Simms
David Clark
Sian Berry
Michael Prior
Jonathan Kent
Stewart Lansley
Ciaran Mundy
Zoe Gannon
Julia Slay
Catherine Howarth
Keith Sonnet
Rebecca Hickman

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