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Squatting Campaign Consultation: Please Help!

Taken from here:

If you have ever squatted or known or hang out with squatters you have absolutely no excuse not to take 10 mins to fill this in , it helped you so help it , please dont be lazy on this. On weds the consultation will stop and if we let this happen, this will mean that you - youre children etc will be made a CRIMINAL if you so much as try and stay in a falling down derelict empty space . You will also become a CRIMINAL if you decide to Sit in, Occupy any building you work in . As many responses the better as this is the only way to reach into the system.

Urgent (wed oct5th) left before end of govt criminalise sheltering/squatter consultation.go to ( quick response guide)

5 mins to answer 4questions minimum.just do it ASAP an get many others to, network it


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