WE DO NOT CONSENT: Defend the Right to Protest Conference 2014

donotconsent_finalfinal-page-001Sunday November 16th, 11am till late 

SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, WC1H 0XG London

A one day conference to discuss how we tackle state violence and injustice in a climate of austerity, rising racism and inequality.

The programme for our national conference is out now!

Space is limited so make sure to book your place and look out for further announcements!


11am – 12noon: OPENING PLENARY: Injustice Everywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere:

HELEN STEEL McLibel defendant & Spies out of Our Lives,  CAROLE DUGGAN Mark Duggan’s Aunt, JULES CAREY lawyer to Ian Tomlinson’s family, HAMJA AHSAN Free Talha Ahsan, JOHN MCDONNELL MP and NINA POWER Defend the Right to Protest

12noon-2pm Workshops

undercover*Undercover cops and the secret state with Rob Evans author Undercover –the True story of Britain’s secret police Jenny Jones GLADave Smith Blacklist Support GroupMerrick Badger Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

*Policing the neoliberal university with Areeb Ulah KCL VP Education, Jelena Timotijevic Defend the Right to Protest & UCUAlexis Wearmouth SOAS UCU executive & fractional rep fighting victimisation, Simon Behrman Acquitted protester Malia Bouattia NUS Black Students

MarciaUFFC*Deaths in custody – is justice possible? with Susan Alexander mother of Azelle RodneyMarcia Rigg sister Sean Rigg, Matt Bolton author of Hillsborough: Deadly Fiction?Deborah Coles INQUEST and Liberty Louise  Justice for Leon

*Protest, surveillance, stop and search – know your rights/get organized with Kevin Blowe Coordinator NETPOLRachel Harger DtRtPTaher Gulamhussein StopWatch

2pm-3pm Lunch Break

3-4.30pm Workshops

*Global movements, policing and the state- building international solidarity with Sameh Naguib revolutionary socialist Egypt, Wing-yi Kan & Jun Yip Hong Kong Overseas Alliance, Karine Daudicourt EELV (French Green Party) – solidarity with Remi Fraisse

The real thing: LGSM members march in support of the miners*Still the Enemy Within – strikes, solidarity and the law with Mike Jackson Lebian and Gays Support the Miners, John Booth Orgeave Truth and Justice Campaign, Owen Jones author The Establishment and Nia Hughes Ritzy Worker & BECTU Rep

*Fracking: the future face of protest policing? with Simon Pook lawyer representing fracking cases, Helen Monk & Will Jackson, Lindsey Bessell Justice 4 Barton MossEwa Jasiewicz Fuel Poverty Action Raj Chada lawyer representing Fortnum Mason, Critical Mass & Dale Farm cases

*Justice for all – not just the rich: resisting the assault on civil liberties  with Matt Foot Justice Alliance and Danny Dorling Inequality & the 1% and Cerie Bullivant CAGE

4.30-5.30 – CLOSING PLENARY  NOT A MOMENT, BUT A MOVEMENT:       Rev Osagyefo Sekou Ferguson protests, Alife Meadows and Hannah Dee DtRtP

5.30-11pm Social (food served, pay what you can, £2-£5 recommended donation)

6.30-7.30pm Film Screening of BURN (30minutes/UK/2014/Migrant Media) followed by Q and A with Director Ken Fero & Fidel Santigi

8.30-9.30 Jason Nwansi and others


The police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last August sparked worldwide outrage and a protest movement that is still on the streets. Ferguson has become a symbol of the racism and violence that is the hallmark of policing across the world.

In Britain years of campaigning have exposed the extent of injustices past and present: the fitting-up of striking miners who took on Thatcher, the appalling response to the Hillsborough disaster, police spying on Stephen Lawrence’s family and the treatment of women activists by undercover cops. Those seeking accountability face a long, hard struggle with many powerful institutions ranged against them.

Now we see fresh attacks on our civil liberties. Despite the death of Ian Tomlinson in 2009, demonstrators continue to be kettled and physically abused by police. Trade unionists are hemmed in by anti-union laws and face further threats to their rights to strike and demonstrate. Legal aid cuts are stripping away people’s ability to challenge state policies and abuses. On top of this the Conservatives have pledged to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Austerity, escalating inequality and the “war on terror” form a wider context to this assault. Protests, occupations, organising and solidarity are the only tools we have to fight back and raise alternatives – whether it is in Ferguson, Hong Kong, Cairo or here in Britain.

We hope this conference will provide a space where we can come together to discuss what’s going on, share experiences, equip ourselves to defend our basic rights and think about how to build a stronger movement against injustice for the battles ahead.

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