Defend Trenton Oldfield!

Trenton Oldfield, who disrupted last years Oxbridge boat race in protest at inequality and austerity, is facing deportation. Having already served a jail sentence, the government are now preparing to deport him claiming he is “undesirable, has unacceptable associations and could be considered a threat to national security”.

This attack is consistent with the ongoing efforts to deter protest by making examples of those who are prepared to stand up to the devastating impact of austerity on many here and around the world.

We have about 8 weeks to stop this and are calling on everyone to do what they can to support the campaign to stop this. 

For more information and coverage of the case see the links at the bottom of this piece.


1. Circulate the petition as widely as possible (

2. Vote ‘No’ in the Guardian poll asking whether Trenton should be deported or not.

3. Write to the home secretary Theresa May at calling for this threat to deport Trenton be removed. Copy into the email.

4. Pass the emergency motion in your union branch (see HERE)

4. Invite Trenton in to speak at any up and coming anti-cuts/ union events. (email

3. Trenton’s appeal will rely on him having to prove he is “conducive to public good”. Please email This is Not a Gateway if you would be willing to write a reference and/or come to the tribunal and speak about Trenton’s character and our work. Please blog, write, tweet in support of Trenton.  Please contact TINAG if you could speak to media about Trenton’s case, ideas of citizenship, ‘undesirability’ and the broader immigration policies.

5. Buy ‘The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary‘. £14.99 including shipping. All proceeds go towards covering the ‘Crown’s costs’. Due in 3 months.

5. Make a donation to Defend the Right to Protest.

6. Latest news about Trenton’s case:


Nina Power on the Jeremy Vine Show (39 mins in, or scroll down to the story)

With the Artist Taxi Driver

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