Emergency Student Union meeting calls for the immediate release of imprisoned protester Zenon Mitchell

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Students at the university of Sussex gave a strong show of support for fellow student Zenon at an emergency members meeting of the students union last week. The meeting was called in order to pass a motion of solidarity with Zenon Mitchell Kotsakis, a student at Sussex who has been sentenced to 15 months for taking part in the demonstration outside Millbank Tower last year.

Over 200 students attended the meeting and voted through the following motion with only two abstentions and no votes against:

“Thousands have been arrested for taking part in student demonstrations since last year. Our fellow student, Zenon Mitchell Kotsakis was recently sentenced to 15 months in prison on charges of ‘violent disorder’. We demand his immediate release and stand in solidarity with Zenon and all other students facing similar charges and sentences.”

An amendment was also passed which commits the students union to doing all it can to ensure Zenon can resume his studies at Sussex under the same conditions as when his degree began. 700 people, including many members of staff, have also signed a petition calling for Zenons release and an end to political sentencing.

Check out Free Zenon fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Zenon-Justice-For-Students/292371087451329?ref=ts

Write to him:


HMYOI Portland

104 Grove Road, Portland



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