Brixton Police Monitoring Press Release on Violent Arrest in Brixton.

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Press release 20/08/2021

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Following the violent arrest of an unknown man at Windrush Square yesterday afternoon, concerned citizens of Brixton are calling to hold the police officers accountable.

In particular, we are looking for additional video evidence and eyewitness reports which could document how the victim has been stamped in his face by a police officer. Moreover, we are looking for help to identify the victim. Any evidence should be sent to

We have video evidence of the incident, however, for the time being we will wait with the release in order to safeguard the privacy of the victim.

Tomorrow, the Sean Rigg Memorial event will take place. We will take part in the event in order to highlight that Sean ́s case is not an isolated issue. Following the event, we will initiate a peaceful march towards Brixton Police Station in order to draw further attention to police violence in our community and hand in our complaint about the latest incident of police violence in Brixton.

We would like to invite you all to report on this occasion. With kind regards,

Mona Dohle
Brixton Police Monitor


Local residents questioning police in Brixton station here, on the incident:

Mona Dohle’s account of what happened on film:

Report on Brixton Blog here, which Marcia Rigg has commented on, sister of Sean Rigg, who died in Brixton Police station. She calls for people to join the family and supporters for the Memorial for Sean Rigg on tomorrow (Tuesday).

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2 thoughts on “Brixton Police Monitoring Press Release on Violent Arrest in Brixton.

  • Let us hope that if this was an assault we actually get a conviction for such. A mate of mine was killed by a cop for no reason, except maybe as the cop was later nicked for racial assault, and my mate was black maybe it was a racially motivated murder, but anyway it is great to see that people are becoming more aware, and keeping an eye on the police. That detective made me laugh, making out they are bothered about bad cops, when you look at how the police hire known crap pathologists, manipulate the media, ban the showing of “injustice”etc etc etc.
    Anyway big thank you to the people of Brixton…

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