‘Different Generations of Pain’: Mark Duggan’s Vigil, Tottenham, 11th January 2013

Two and half years after Mark Duggan’s death at the hands of the Met Police Firearms Unit, and three days after the verdict in the inquest into his death that returned a verdict of lawful killing to widespread bafflement and anger, up to two thousand people, including family, friends, local people, union members, students, activists and many others came together to remember his life and to demonstrate their support and solidarity to those close to him.… Read More

Cops off campus! Stop the criminalisation of students!

Over the last week, we have seen a violent crackdown on student protests, including students being suspended, kettled and arrested en masse, injunctions against protests on campus… Here are a few meetings we are taking part in over the next week to discuss this attack on our right to protest and how we can fight back - hope you can come along!… Read More

Defend the Right to Protest - statement in support of student protesters

Following the violent eviction of the peaceful and legitimate student occupation of Senate House on 4th December 2013 and a brutal attack by police on a peaceful “cops off campus” student protest yesterday, Defend the Right to Protest condemns the banning of protest by university management on campus and the seeking of injunctions against student and staff occupations.… Read More

One week until tribunal hearing: support the fight to stop Trenton Oldfield being deported

Very important interview in the Independent about the fight to stop Trenton Oldfield’s deportation by Archie Bland http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/trenton-oldfield-interview-the-ripples-of-that-boat-race-stunt-and-how-a-family-could-be-driven-apart-8973804.html Show your support at Trenton’s hearing on Monday 9th December, 9am, Taylor House, 88 Rosebery Avenue: https://www.facebook.com/events/562353533817807/… Read More