Parliament Square protest law is too restrictive and needs urgent review

Protesters in Parliament Square during the Occupy Democracy campaign. Photograph: Steve Parkins/Demotix/Corbis Defend the Right to Protest Letter in The Guardian today The appalling treatment of protesters occupying Parliament Square last week (Occupy protesters forced to hand over pizza boxes and tarpaulin, 24 October, calls for an urgent review of current legislation governing protest there.… Read More

“The legal case is finished but there is no closure for me” – female activist deceived by #spycop

Lambert disappeared without a trace having been withdrawn from his deployment, when their son was two years old By Jag Bahra DtRtP  Last night saw the unexpected announcement that one of the victims in the ongoing #spycops litigation had accepted an out of court settlement from the Metropolitan Police for just over £400,000. … Read More

Kettles, confiscation and cordons but #OccupyDemocracy protests continue

“How can a pizza box be deemed a piece of sleeping equipment?  This is the increasingly surreal manner in which the Metropolitan Police has interpreted the new laws introduced since the rise of the Occupy movement in 2011” writes John Sinah who has been taking part in the on-going occupation of Parliament Square following attempts by police to break it up on Sunday.… Read More