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Sunday 15 November, 11am til late,

SOAS, Central London  

A day of workshops to discuss, organise and build solidarity against state violence, injustice, and the criminalisation of protest.

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Prevent and the threat to our civil liberties with Moazzam Begg former Guantanamo prisoner Gareth Peirce human rights lawyer and Malia Bouattia NUS Black Students

Undercover policing and the new inquiry Imran Khan lawyer to Doreen Lawrence, Janet Alder sister of Christopher Alder, Rob Evans The Guardian/author Under Cover Surseh Grover The Monitoring Project Jules Carey layer to Inquiry participants

Detention Prisons, border police & migrant solidarity with Antonia Bright of Movement for Justice, Anti Raids Network and London2Calais

Whose communities? Policing the police with London Campaign Against Police and State Violence, Gloria Morrison Joint Enterprise – Not Guilty By Association and Shanice McBean Black Dissidents

The Public Order Act and the criminalisaton of protest with Mike Schwarz protest lawyer, Rachel Harger DtRtP Christopher Hilliard acquitted student protester and other protester defendants

Deaths in Custody - With Aamer Anwar civil rights lawyer, Justice for Sheku Bayoh family members and Marcia Rigg Sean Rigg Justice and Change #BlackLivesMatter

From Legal Aid to the Human Rights Act: defending civil rights against the austerity state with Debalena Dasgupta LIBERTY and Charlotte Haworth Hird Legal Aid Lawyer award for Inquests and actions against the state & INQUEST lawyers Group

Plus * Trade Union Bill * Global austerity and global resistance * and more workshops tba


Global economic crisis and austerity has made society a more unequal and punishing place to be. Politicians invest in border police and barbed wire fences in response to the biggest refugee crisis for decades. Police rough up disability rights protesters in parliament whilst MP’s debate massive cuts to welfare. The Tories plan to ban strikes and slash legal aid whilst driving through a sustained assault on living standards and public services. Gentrification of local areas goes hand in hand with stop and search and racist harassment and the use of new laws to evict housing protesters. New figures show deaths in police custody has increased, a public inquiry is promised – but will anything change? Meanwhile Muslim school students are reported under new counter terrorism legislation for questioning government foreign policy and deemed “extremist”. Islamophobic hate crime goes up. At the same time, this “extremism” label is applied to an ever widening spectrum of views and activites: Cameron warns the new leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn is a “threat to national security” whilst Occupy, environmentalists and student protesters are deemed “domestic extremists” in Prevent briefings –all justifying an enormous expansion of surveillance over our day to day lives.

These are the means by which the establishment are seeking to “police the crisis” –a sustained assault on our civil liberties and racist demonising of “suspect communities”.

This conference will provide a space to discuss with a wide range of campaigns, activists, writers and lawyers active around these issues: to share ideas and experiences and to look at ways we can build a stronger movement.

Imran Khan lawyer to Doreen Lawrence


Justice for Sheku Bayoh family members

Moazzam Begg former Guantanamo prisoner

Aaron Bastani Novara Media

Gareth Peirce civil rights lawyer & author Dispatches from the Dark Side on Torture and the Death of Justice

Shanice McBean Black Dissident

Janet AlderJustice for Christopher Alder

Jules Carey police actions & civil liberties lawyer

Antonia Bright Movement for Justice (M4J)

Anti Raids Network

Rob Evans The Guardian and author of Undercover

Malia Bouattia NUS Black Students,

Debaleena Dasgupta Liberty

Nina Power DtRtP

Shelly Asquith NUS

Nadine El-Enany law lecturer and DtRtP

London Campaign Against Police and State Violence (LCAPSV)

Aamer Anwar civil rights lawyer

Rachel Harger DtRtP and trainee Lawyer

Patricia McManus UCU NEC

Mike Schwarz protest lawyer and author Public Order and

Hannah Dee Defend the Right to Protest

Suresh Grover The Monitoring Group and many others to be announced

Wail Qasim writer and Defend the Right to Protest

Book in advance: help us out by booking in advance and making a contribution to our work and the costs of the conference. (Suggested Donation £3 un-waged, £5 waged, FREE if skint, £10 solidarity donation)

BOOK ON EVENTBRITE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/policing-the-crisis-defend-the-right-to-protest-national-conference-tickets-18713485539

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