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Defend The Right To Protest » Posts » Jury finds Ian Tomlinson “unlawfully killed”

Jury finds Ian Tomlinson “unlawfully killed”

Britain’s most senior prosecutor has said he was considering whether to prosecute the police officer who attacked Ian Tomlinson for manslaughter after an inquest jury found that the newspaper seller had been unlawfully killed. From the Guardian

Ian Tomlinson was killed on the protests against the G20 in 2009, where the police used the crowd control tactics - such as kettling - which have now become commonplace. This verdict, two years later, represents a real step forward for all those seeking justice and accountability for police actions on demonstrations.

We are trying to confirm an additional speaker to discuss the implications of the Tomlinson verdict at tomorrow’s meeting. The meeting venue has had to change as some people who wished to participate are unable to come to ULU. Details are now:

Emergency Open Meeting: Stand up to these attacks on our right to protest

Thurs 5 May, 6:30pm

Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

With introductions from:

  • John McDonnell MP
  • Alfie Meadows - arrested protestor
  • UK Uncut
  • Laurie Penny - New Statesman journalist
  • Nina Power - senior lecturer, Roehampton University
  • Charlie Veitch - arrested “Love Police” activist
  • Jim Wolfreys - UCU NEC / Education Activist Network
  • Fortnum & Mason occupier and defendant


Also don’t forget to:


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