Justice 4 Leon Briggs Vigil, 4th Dec, 7pm, Luton Police Station

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LB Vigil 18.11The Community gathered outside Luton police station on Buxton Road last Monday night (18.11). It’s estimated that more than 100 people went to the candlelit vigil held for Leon Briggs who died in police custody on 4 November.

Leon’s best friend Cyril Mitchell spoke at the Vigil, he said: “I am angry and I am hurt but we have to move on, and to move on we have to get answers.”

Since the Vigil a NEW community page has been created on Facebook, ‘Justice 4 Leon Briggs’ please ‘like’ to start/or continue to get information from the campaign:


Also, and crucially, a petition has been launched - Please sign it here:


What next?

A Vigil to be held outside Luton police station on 4 December at 7pm to mark the one month anniversary of Leon’s death.

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