Know Your Rights #EndAusterityNow #JuneDemo

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KnowYourRightsMarching on #June20 #EndAusterityNow? Have a great day.

Don’t forget to pick up a bust card from Green and Black Cross. Remember “no comment” if arrested and use one of these solicitors if needed:

-Birnberg Peirce 0207 911 0166

-Bindmans 0207 833 4433

-Hodge Jones Allen 07649 111192

-ITN 020 8522 7707

Write a number on your arm, including GBC’s helpline 07946 541 511.

If arrested:

  1. You have the right to say NO COMMENT to questions by police. We advise you do not answer questions or sign anything (whether it be in casual conversation”, a van interview or otherwise) without first speaking to a solicitor.
  2. You have the right to have someone to be told of your arrest. If English is not your first language you have the right to an interpreter.
  3. You have the right to free legal advice from a solicitor of your choice. It is not quicker to be interview without a solicitor. We recommend firms with experience of protest arrests, rather than a duty solicitor. (see above)

Stop and Search: Before a search the officer must tell you his/her name and police station; the reason for the search and what power you are being searched under. Your do not have to give your name and address or answer questions under any stop and search power. You are entitled to a copy of the search record.

For advice and support you can also contact Defend the Right to Protest on 07931 891 352 /

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