MARK DUGGAN Anniversary March Vigil: Murdered - Slandered - Time for truth and justice

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MarkusethisoneMonday 4th August 
5pm Broadwater Farm
March to Ferry Lane, the place where he was shot.

A march and vigil has been called by Mark Duggan’s family and the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign on the third anniversary of his shooting, Monday 4th August.

The family are calling this peaceful event as a mark of love and respect for Mark Duggan, and to show that the fight for justice for Mark continues.

Earlier this year they, and many members of the public, were shocked by the lawful killing conclusion returned at the Inquest into Mark’s death. In the days that followed, 1000 people, many from the local community, joined a vigil outside Tottenham police station called in protest.

This month Mark’s family were back at the High Court for a judicial review seeking to have the verdict of lawful killing quashed. The legal challenge sought to establish that the Coroner, Judge Keith Cutler, ought to have directed the jury that if they were sure Mr Duggan was not holding a gun, then they could not return a lawful killing conclusion.

The result will not be known until the autumn.

The Review follows a highly critical report released by Mr Cutler directed at the Metropolitan police, the IPCC, ACPO and the Home Secretary in which he expressed concern that: “fatal police shootings are not as rigorously examined as they could be” and that “doubts about the accuracy of police accounts are not minimised.” Many of these concerns regarding a failure to video record the crime scene; allowing firearms officers 48 hours to compose themselves before being questioned; and denying the IPCC access to police intelligence are shared by the family.

Mark’s family are appealing to the public to show support by joining them for the march and vigil: “The verdict conclusions are of interest to the whole of the country: for Mark’s children, the community and the next generation, we have to quash this verdict”, they say, “because if we don’t it allows the police to shoot dead any unarmed person they see fit to.”

Monday’s march and vigil will also be about remembering Mark as he was at this very difficult and painful time: a loving father, son, brother and nephew. Family members will carry their campaign banner inscribed with words chosen by Mark’s children: RIP - “return if possible”. They will be joined families and friends of those who have lost loved ones to deaths in custody and led by gospel singers.

Akala and Zena Edwards talk more about the vigil:

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