PAMPHLET LAUNCH - Who Killed Blair Peach? Thurs 2nd Oct, 6-8pm

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*A call for a fresh inquest into Blair Peach’s killing and celebration of his life and the struggle against racism and fascism he died fighting @ NUT HQ, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD

With  David Renton author and barrister Christine Blower NUT General Secretary Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennett United Families & Friends Campaign, twin of Leon Patterson Suresh Grover founder member of Southall Campaign & Defence and Director of The Monitoring Group  Susan Matthews Defend the Right to Protest & mother of Alfie Meadows, who was seriously injured by a police baton blow to the head during student protests against fees

Discussion followed by refreshments 

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More info:

blairfuneralBlair Peach was a 33 year old teacher killed on a demonstration against the National Front at Southall in 1979. He died following a blow to the head by a police officer.

In 2010, following Ian Tomlinson’s death, the government finally published the Cass report into Peach’s killing. Written shortly after Peach’s death, the report had identified the six police officers who were present when the fatal blow was struck. These findings however were not disclosed to the Inquest and remained hidden from Peach’s family, and the public for 30 years.

This new pamphlet by David Renton sets out why exactly Cass reached his conclusions, how his reasoning casts a light on the identity of Peach’s killer, and calls for a fresh inquest into Blair Peach’s killing.

“David Renton’s long-awaited analysis of this tragedy and the fight for justice for Blair’s family reminds us all that there can be no peace when there is no justice.” LESLIE THOMAS QC barrister who acted for Mark Duggan and Azelle Rodney

“Blair Peach was a good citizen. He was murdered by the British police because he embraced the Asians in Southall as part of the British citizenry. A police baton crashed into his skull. He died. We will always remember him and celebrate a decent and honourable man.” DARCUS HOWE writer and anti-racist activist

“The death of Blair Peach is a lasting injustice. But it is also a pressing issue because there is no evidence that the policing mistakes that led to the death of Blair Peach have been consigned to the past.” SUSAN MATTHEWS DtRtP and mother of Alfie Meadows

“April 23rd was the moment when the whole community took on the fascists of the National Front. Blair Peach is a symbol of that unity,  Southall will always remember him.” BALWINDER RANA - chief steward for the anti-NF demonstration, Southall 1979

David Renton is a barrister and a member of the committees of Defend the Right to Protest and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers.

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