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Your Rights


From the moment you are stopped including all time at a police station, everything you say is evidence. It is extremely important not to discuss your case with the police as you could be providing them with important evidence. The police are trained to get information out of you, so stay strong.

When you get to the police station the custody sergeant will ask some basic details. If you don’t give your name, address and date of birth it may create problems with bail. You will be asked some medical questions which it is advisable to answer. You do not have to give other details and it is not advisable to give your mobile phone number.

There are two most important rights in the police station:

1. You have the right to free legal advice in a police station, with a solicitor of your choice. It is very important to use that right. The police sometimes suggest things will be quicker without a solicitor, but that is not true and it is essential to have legal support, especially for a police interview.

2. You have a right to remain silent. A solicitor can advise you further about that right, but until you have spoken to them you should not discuss the case with the police, or sign any officer’s notebooks which deal with the case.

You also if you want have the right to have someone you know told of your arrest, but don’t discuss the case with them on the phone.

Request a medical examination if you feel unwell or have been injured. (Inform the custody officer if you are on me medication).

The police have the power to take you fingerprints, photograph and DNA following arrest.

You may wish to use one of the following firms who have some experience of dealing with arrests from protests:

You may wish to use one of the following firms who have some experience of dealing with arrests from protests:

275 Gray’s Inn Road
Tel: +44 (0)20 7833 4433

Birnberg Peirce,
14 Inverness Street
London , NW1 7HJ
020 7911 0166

Christian Khan Solicitors
5 Gower Street
Blossmsbury Street

GT Steward
46 Great Eastern Street
020 8299 6000

Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
180 North Gower Street
07659 111 192.

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