Defend Trenton Oldfield – Motion for Student Unions and Trade Union branches

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Plain text below:

This union notes
1. On 7 April 2012, Trenton Oldfield undertook a peaceful direct action protest to draw
attention to the rapidly increasing inequalities that are occurring as a result of ‘austerity’.
The protest took place at the Oxbridge Boat Race; a symbolic representation of ‘the
establishment’ which three days before the race received royal assent for the fire sale of the NHS, introduced the Data and Communications Bill and called on people to ‘shop’ their
neighbours if they thought they might protest at the forthcoming Olympics.
2. Trenton was subsequently sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and served two months
in Wormwood Scrubs. This was met with widespread opposition including from Matthew
Pinsent, the race umpire who said “Look, I want to live in a country where protest is
possible. However unwelcome it was, I still value the freedom to do that.”
3. On 7 June 2013, Trenton received correspondence from the Home Office suggesting
Trenton, “undesirable, has unacceptable associations and could be considered a threat to
national security”* and they want to remove him from the UK. He was born in Australia,
but has lived and worked his adult life in London. He now faces deportation within weeks.
This union believes
1. The threat of deportation represents a double punishment of Trenton who has already
served a prison sentence.
2. These actions are consistent with the governments desire to deter, criminalise and “make
examples” of protesters at a time of growing opposition to the effects of austerity on
peoples lives.
3. If the government is successful it will strengthen their ability to victimise others
protesting against cuts, austerity and growing inequalities.
This union resolves
1. To support the campaign to stop the deportation of Trenton Oldfield.
To circulate information about the campaign/activities to union members.
2. To write to the Home Secretary Theresa May, urging her to stop deportation proceedings.
3. To donate to Defend the Right to Protest.
(This can be done online at or by making cheques payable
to Defend the Right to Protest. These should be sent to Defend the Right to Protest, BM
DTRTP, London, WC1N 3XX.) l
Facebook page: defendtherighttoprotest l Twitter: @righttoprotest

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