THIS WEDNESDAY: Solidarity Demonstration with Quebec Protesters

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Defend the Right to Protest Campaign has called for a demonstration outside Canada House (5 Trafalgar Square) THIS Wednesday at 6PM. Please email to support the demonstration. Watch the inspiring video and read more here:

Faced with the biggest protests ever seen in Quebec by students fighting against an 80% hike in fees, police have been importing the same tactics used against students and other anti-cuts protesters in Britain by the discredited Metropolitan police.

This includes the deployment of notorious kettling tactics to intimidate protesters and mass arrests of protesters with over 2,500 arrested so far, along with indiscriminate police violence which has seen people suffer serious injury.

It has also seen the introduction of a draconian new law, Bill 78, which bans any protest within 50 meters of university buildings, imposing severe financial penalties on those involved in pickets or other protests deemed illegal, and requiring eight hours notice for any protest involving more than fifty people.

Quebec students are fighting the same battles fought by students in Britain over the past two years. They are an inspiration to many around the world confronted with unprecedented cuts and austerity measures.

On Wednesday 30th May protests in solidarity with the Quebec struggle will take place across Canada.

The whole world is watching!

Join the protest in London in solidarity with the Quebec students struggle against fees, and call for:

* The scrapping of Bill 78

* An immediate cessation of kettling, mass arrests and other police tactics designed to intimidate and punish protesters

* The freeing of any imprisoned protesters – drop the charges, conditions and fines imposed on protesters

We’re inspired by the three month long Quebec student strike and the popular uprising in Quebec against austerity and the anti-protest Law 78 that has mobilized entire neighborhoods throughout the province to bang pots and pans at 8pm since the 22nd of May.

A New York Times op-ed compared Charest’s government to Putin’s after he cracked down on students with draconian anti-protest laws, riot copsand cancelled the school semester rather than to negotiate with student unions. A record breaking 2500 people have been arrested, 2 have lost an eye, several have suffered critical head injuries, and the resistance is only spreading. The movement has gone from being called the “Printemps d’Erable” to being called the Maple Spread. Solidarity casserole banging has spread from neighborhoods in Montreal, throughout the province, the country, as well as New York, Paris, Latin America and now it’s time for London to join in too.

On Wednesday, May 30, starting at 6pm, in front of Canada House by Trafalgar Square in London, we are showing solidarity by banging pots and pans and flying red squares.

Join the Facebook event.

Watch and share this inspiring video:

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