Beyond The Law: Defend The Right To Protest And The Ferguson Solidarity Tour

Patrisse Cullors #BlackLivesMatter with Carole Duggan and Marcia Rigg in Tottenham”Published by 12 Feb. “The recent Ferguson Solidarity Tour shows the solidarity that has been built in response to police violence, in which the process of exclusion is turned against itself and becomes the basis of a new collective political subject.” By Matt Bolton, in New Left Project  Last December, hundreds of protestors brought the US #blacklivesmatter movement to London, staging a die-in at Shepherd’s Bush Westfield shopping centre.… Read More

Kettles, confiscation and cordons but #OccupyDemocracy protests continue

“How can a pizza box be deemed a piece of sleeping equipment?  This is the increasingly surreal manner in which the Metropolitan Police has interpreted the new laws introduced since the rise of the Occupy movement in 2011” writes John Sinah who has been taking part in the on-going occupation of Parliament Square following attempts by police to break it up on Sunday.… Read More