LEGAL AID CUTS: After historic strike - build support for the new petition

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legalaidpicThe 6th Jan saw barristers and solicitors take strike action against legal aid cuts -the first action of its kind in history.

In order to keep the pressure on the Government the Justice Alliance is  launching a fresh petition to Save Legal Aid: sign this petition and circulate widely

Here is an update of what the cuts will mean:

“As opposition to the legal aid cuts grows from diverse sections of society, now is the time to put down a marker. We need to send a strong and swift message to the Government, we need to show the widespread support for legal aid and we need to defend access to justice. Please sign this petition and join with Joanna Lumley the first signatory, who campaigned to secure rights for the Gurkhas, themselves reliant on legal aid. If Grayling has his way innocent people will be wrongfully jailed, the state will enjoy immunity for unlawful acts, victim of trafficking and domestic violence will be left without support. Don’t let that happen. Join the fight for legal aid.”

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