JUSTICE FOR ALL: Join the “Not the Global Law Summit” protests

Defend the Right to Protest will be joining - civil liberties groups and human rights lawyers this weekend to walk from Runnymede to Westminster in defence of the legacy of Magna Carta and to highlight the hypocrisy of the government’s three-day event to mark the 800th anniversary of the historic document, the ‘Global Law Summit’.… Read More

LEGAL AID: Residence test found discriminatory and unlawful by High Court

Under the residence test it is unlikely Jean Charles De Menezes family would have qualified for legal aid By Rachel Harger DtRtP and Paralegal at Bindmans LLP Yesterday on Tuesday 15th July 2014 the government’s draft legislation to introduce a residence test for legal aid was struck down by the High Court on the basis it is discriminatory and unlawful.… Read More