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March to Congolese Embassy, 14th Dec + Legal Observers Needed


Starting point: Congolese (Dem) Embassy in London, the United Kingdom

45-47 Great Portland Street
London W1W 7LT

Nearest tube, Oxford Circus

Legal observers needed.
The Congolese Community in the UK calls for support this Wednesday to unite against the ongoing genocide in the Congo which has been going on since 1996.
8 million brutally murdered…..2.5 million raped, tortured, mutilated…….

Meet Wed 14th December 11am at the DR of Congo Embassy,
Grass root movements please support

for more info contact

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2 Responses to "March to Congolese Embassy, 14th Dec + Legal Observers Needed"

  1. John Ngunza says:

    Dear friends,

    I am sorry that I will not be able to attend any of these meetings, as I said in my previous correspondence to some of you, due to sciatica and disc prolapsed that has struck me for months. I have not been able to work for months as well. My wife and child are coming to tomorrow 14/12/11.

    My advice is as follows:
    - The march to be peaceful
    -our people to resist police provocation at all cost;
    - if asked to move, they should politely ask why;
    -not to block the entire ways on your march from the DRC embassy to 10 Downing str;
    -to remember that protest is a democratic and a human right (the right to assemble and expression)
    - to endeavour that young people do not get ‘heated’ to start any violence;
    I wish you all well, my presence is marked by my wife and child.

    May God bless and keep the DR Congo, and supports his people in our long road to true freedom.

    Me John Ngunza
    Lawyer & Preacher of Gospel

  2. Ikosha says:

    Eye didnt hear about this protest in time to be there, e-mail me in advance so that eye can support the movement.
    love in abundance to ma evolving family(“,)

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