WITNESS APPEAL - for protester Amy Jowett whose leg was broken by police on anti-BNP demo 1st June

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Amy2.jpgDid you see something, or recognise potential witnesses? Please look at the witness poster below and get in touch.

On 1st June 2013 Amy Jowett’s leg was badly broken on a demonstration against the BNP who were trying to match to the cenotaph on Whitehall. She was kicked repeatedly by a police officer in the knee just after 4pm while on the front of the protest outside the Houses of Parliament. This incident has left Amy with a life long disability.

13 months have passed since the incident took place, and Amy is increasingly concerned that without all the possible witnesses coming forward the officer responsible for her injuries will not be held to account.

We are therefore calling for witnesses to come forward and anyone who thinks they might have relevant information to contact us. Have a look at the witness appeal - do you recognise 2 witnesses who may have seen something?

Email Amy’s lawyer  felix.Couchman@tvedwards.com if you have any information or info@defendtherighttoprotest.org in strictest of confidence.

Keep up to date with her case on the Justice for Amy Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Amy-Jowett/779258365449577?fref=ts

Background articles:

Tom Wall & Rashid Razaq, Evening Standard: Met officer “broke leg of protester at rally against BNP”

Hannah Dee, The Guardian: Have these protesters been criminalised, despite the case against them being dismissed?

Tom Wall, The Independent: Anti-Fascist protester claims police broke her leg 

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