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DtRtP September Newsletter  - to subscribe email  info@defendtherighttoprotest.org

We’re really excited to announce our national conference, due to take place on Sunday 16th November @SOAS. Campaigners, lawyers, trade unionists, writers and journalists will come together to discuss how we tackle the criminalisation of protest, state violence and injustice in a climate of austerity, rising racism and inequality.

Speakers include: Rob Evans author Undercover; Carole DugganMerrick Badger #Campaign Opposing Police Violence, Susan Alexander mother of Azelle RodneyOwen Jones author The Establishment, Dave Smith Blacklist Support Group,Jenny Jones GLA, Raj Chada lawyer representing Fortnum Mason, Critical Mass & Dale Farm, Nina PowerSheila Coleman Hillsborough Justice Campaign and many more

With workshops and plenaries on under cover cops and the secret state, protest policing, deaths in custody, racism and the fight for justice; know your rights, international solidarity and more to be announced.

SUNDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2014. 11am - late.SOAS, Thornhaugh St, London, WC1H 0XG.  Tickets: £3 unwaged / £5 waged / £10 solidarity. SAVE THE DATE & BOOK YOUR TICKET


blairfuneralWho Killed Blair Peach Pamphlet Launch: Thurs 2nd October, 6pm, NUT with author David Renton, Christine Blower NUT General Secretary, Suresh Grover Director The Monitoring Group, Stephanie Ligthfoot Bennett UFFC /twin sister of Leon Patterson and Susan Matthews.


Witness Appeal for Amy Jowett  - On 1st June 2013 Amy Amy2.jpgJowett’s leg was badly broken by a police officer who kicked her repeatedly in the knee whilst she stood at the front of the anti-BNP protest in Whitehall. A witness appeal has now been launched to identify all possible witnesses to the incident.

Pic: Dan Fearnley

Pic: Dan Fearnley

Oxford anti-protester trial date set for 11/12th Nov: Last months hearing of two anti-fascists, who were arrested whilst protesting against the NF, is yet another example of punitive policing of anti-fascist protest. One protester, whose case was dropped during the hearing, had been served notice for deportation and had their passport confiscated. The local trades council, several councillors and university lecturers are amongst those supporting the anti-fascist protester still facing charges and due to stand trial in November.

Pic: Oscar Webb

Pic: Oscar Webb

#Cops off Campus: Just four of 41 protesters arrested during last years #copsoffcampus protests are due in court next week. These protests followed the violent eviction of an occupation - captured in Guardian footage which showed a police officer punching a student in the face. This case is part of a worrying trendof draconian punishments and collusion between university management and police as marketisation of Higher Education continues apace.


Resisting Police Surveillance: Read NETPOL’s briefing for activists on recognising and countering police surveillance

Undercover CopsWomen respond to the CPS’s decision not to bring criminal charges against under cover cops who had relationships with them, whilst  #Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance considers the other charges ruled out by the CPS.

Joint Enterprise: Melanie McFadyean provides a thorough account of Joint Enterprise for LRB.

Legal Aid: Following July’s high court ruling that the governments proposed residency test was “discriminatory and unlawful”, last week saw Mr Justice Burnett rule the government consultation process for cuts to criminal legal aid to be ‘so unfair as to amount to illegality.’ To keep up to date with the campaign for legal aid check out theJustice Alliance.

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